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6 Secrets To A Happy Solo Life

Find genuine and lasting happiness as a single woman.

You need this checklist if:

  • You feel isolated and sometimes lonely, but the thought of putting yourself out there makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • You want to embrace your freedom, but something's holding you back (it could be secret number 2?)
  • You'd like more time and resources, but you have no clue how to magic them out of thin air (3 & 6 will help you sort this out.)
  • You want excitement, but every Sunday you end up on the sofa binge-watching Netflix (this used to be me.)

Join hundreds of other single women who want a richer, more meaningful solo experience

Women's Coach & Mentor

Rewrite your story.

Hannah Anstee is a former British Wellness Journalist turned Certified Women’s Coach & Mentor.

You may know her from her work as Beauty Editor at YOGA Magazine or her contributions to The Independent or Psychologies Magazine.

Using her kind and candid approach Hannah helps single women rewrite their stories. She helps them to prioritise and invest in themselves so they feel confident, happy and proud of who they are.

6 Secrets To A Happy Solo Life


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